Backstage, Sunset Park, Maryland, 1961



Mountain Music of Kentucky is "the greatest Kentucky record ever issued and one of the greatest records in the entire literature of American folk song" (San Francisco Chronicle 1960)

Roscoe Holcomb: The High Lonesome Sound
"…one of the very best old-time recordings of the 1960s. The Kentucky banjoist, singer, and guitarist was one of the greatest discoveries of the time; his performances were truly mesmerizing, his vocals nasal and piercing and haunting… Holcomb's music is a very straight, no chaser, experience… Not for the faint of heart." (The Oxford American Jan/Feb 1999)

Mountain Music of Peru, Volume 1
"…John Cohen is, in my opinion, the most active ethnographer of Peruvian culture today who has an ear and eye devoted to educating the American public about the beauties, problems, paradoxes, and value of Peruvian traditional and popular music (and dance, ritual, textiles, etc.) and music makers… This is an excellent publication." (Ethnomusicology Winter, 1994)

Stories the Crow Told Me
""A one-man Harry Smith Anthology" is how a friend described this CD. That's a perfect description, for even though this CD is not a compilation of old 78s, it does convey a similar feeling: it's the best old-time music from many traditions, played hauntingly, humorously, heartfully, and arranged in some magic order that sticks in the mind and makes the different sounds feel like one music." (Old Time Herald May, 1999)

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