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Norman Ives, 'Still Haunted By Your High Lonesome Sound'

John had huge respect and reverence for graphic artist, printer, and painter Norman Ives, who operated in the same circle as John around Yale Art School in the 1950s. Both studied under Josef Albers, Ives worked with John's friend and mentor Herbert Matter on several projects, and Len Stokes, who taught drawing alongside John at Purchase College, was an assistant at Ives Sillman and for Ives' studio. Several of Norman’s prints hung on John’s walls at home, and they tried once or twice to collaborate on a publication of John’s Peru photos.

left: Christmas print, 1965, by Norman Ives with note referencing either John’s 1963 film or the Folkways LP of the same name: "Still haunted by your High Lonesome Sound".

below: Norman Ives prints from John Cohen’s collection.

below: Norman Ives’ Layouts for Peru photo book, attached with rubber cement.

below: John with Norman Ives' AP 3 -1967 in his office at Purchase College, 1978, following Ives' show at Purchase's Neuberger Museum.


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